Startup Weekend Moldova 2014


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Дата: 14 - 16 Ноября 2014
Цена: 285-715 Лей
Телефон для справки: 069944661
Место:Ginta Latina


Startup Weekend Moldova is an event for people who dream of becoming entrepreneurs in IT. It includes a competition where participants form teams to develop a web or mobile application. Thus, attendees go through the entire process of launching a business – from generating the idea up to developing a prototype. Throughout the event, participants are guided by experienced mentors.

You are invited to attend the Startup Weekend Moldova if you have a background in:

  • programming
  • graphical design
  • project management
  • marketing and business administration


  • A - Developer (Early Bird) - On sale till October 31 - 430 lei.
  • B - Designer (Early Bird) - On sale till October 31 - 430 lei
  • C - Non-Technical (Early Bird) - On sale till October 31 - 430 lei
  • D - Student - On sale till November 15 - 285 lei
  • E - Observer - Offers spectator access to the opening evening (Friday) and to final presentations (Sunday) - 285 lei

NOTE: Tickets A, B and C will cost 715 Lei starting with November 1st.

For additional details please click here.

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