Workshop: How to ace a job interview in English


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Дата: 19 Февраля 2020, 18:00 Среда
Цена: Вход свободный
Телефон для справки: 069005168


We invite you to attend the workshop ”How to Ace a Job Interview in English”

Speaker: Dina Radionova – English teacher at INTERPORTAL

The event is useful for:
- anyone who plans to apply for a job where speaking English is the main requirement;
- students of English who look to improve their conversation skills;
- every person who wants to learn something new.

Benefits of Attending the Workshop
- The practice of speaking confidently at a job interview.
- Making a short presentation in English will be easier after the workshop.
- After attending the workshop ‘How to Ace a Job Interview’ you will be able to present the information in your CV in the best way while speaking English fluently!

To participate at the workshop please complete the form 

For further information call 069005168.


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