TechVillage 2019


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Дата: 10 - 12 Сентября 2019


TechVillage is a 3-day event for startups and investors that are tired of the conventional. It’s for those that are looking to interact and build lasting business connections in a new setting.

If you are an investor or startup founder and you like the rural scenery, you like to get your hands dirty (literally), and explore new cultures, cuisines and wines, while interacting with other investors and founders, you’ll love it at TechVillage.

We are trading the conventional conference venue and urban environment for an idyllic rural setting. 60 international investors and startup founders will spend 3 days together in one of the most beautiful Moldovan villages, Butuceni. The village is surrounded by dreamy scenery and old monasteries, in the center of our historical and archaeological complex, Orheiul Vechi.

For three days, participants take part in various rural activities aimed to bring them closer together and build meaningful connections and potential collaborations while familiarizing themselves with the traditional Moldovan culture, wine and cuisine. The event is an unconference type that's focused on interaction between participants rather than seating through boring speeches and panel discussions.


- Believes in the potential of CEE region
- Wants to give value by sharing his/ her experience and knowledge through mentorship.
- Has a pay-it-forward mentality.
- Open to new collaborations.
- Likes nature-related activities and the countryside.

Startup Founder
- Based in the CEE Region.
- Is building the next big thing and needs a little push to get his/her startup to the next level.
- Is open-minded, coachable and is a countryside fan.
- Wants to make real connections that will lead to further collaborations.

We booked the whole village! The number of accommodation facilities allows us to accommodate 60 people maximum (30 investors and 30 startup founders), that is why we are quite picky with our guests. Before you can buy the ticket, we kindly ask you to fill in a form on our website:, and we will contact you back very soon.


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