Acceleration & Pre-seed investment workshop with Innovation Capital


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Дата: 25 Мая 2022, 17:00 Среда
Цена: 100 Лей


Business Angels Moldova, has invited a special guest, Yavor Gochev- Sr Investment Manager at Innovation Capital from Bulgaria, to discuss the investment process and opportunities for pre-seed stage startups.
Yavor has a BSc in Business Management from University of Dundee, Scotland and MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. He is passionate about helping start-ups validate their business models and turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. Yavor is a Sr. Investment manager at Innovation Capital, a pre-seed venture capital fund managing EUR 21M that is supporting Bulgarian star-ups.
At this event, we will be discussing:
- Real practical examples of investments within Innovation Capital;
-Tips on how to raise fund for your business;
- Success stories and key learnings;
- Organizing your deal flow, & term sheets;
- Developing your investment portfolio;
- Working with startups and following their progress.
And much more ...

If you are looking to raise investment or want to become an investor, join us and get your ticket now.
More details on our Facebook page. and website.
This event is powered by Tekwill, BAM, XY Partners, and is organized with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau.


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