Spectacolul "Și cu violoncelul ce facem?"


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Data: 11 Octombrie 2018, 19:30 Joi
Telefon Informații: (022) 22-65-20


The language in which the show is played: English

Release date: 6.02.2017

Duration of the show: 1h 15min

"What shall we do with the cello?" by Matei Visniec is a sharp theatrical essay about intolerance, a lively and detailed study of individual and collective psychology and behavior.

It's raining and four characters with generic names are waiting for the rain to stop.

At one level the play, written 25 years ago, could speak to ones who worry or not today about the climate change; the last survivors found a shelter under the last roof of the world! But on the deeper level it is not just a rain, it is the Flood itself, a punishment, more like in a Greek tragedy: a hubris.

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