Someone From Jupiter



Data: 13 Martie 2020, 22:00 Vineri
Preț: 100 - 150 lei
Evenimentele trecute
  • 10 Ianuarie 2020, 18:00 Vineri
  • 27 Decembrie 2019, 22:00 Vineri
  • 6 Decembrie 2019, 22:00 Vineri


About a year ago, the first vinyl of the new formed label Zimotik was released with the participation of such artists as Lowris, Marko Nastić, birdsmakingmachine and the label's founder - Dubfound

Birdsmakingmachine - a Spanish musician, who's music is mysterious and beautiful as the singing of a bird in the silence of the morning, barely awakened forest.

The artist's work includes about fifty releases on various concept labels and performances with such artists as Anthea, Afriqua, tINI & Bill Patrick, Andy Kowles, Denis Kaznacheev and many others.

Birdsmakingmachine is also known for its live performances that are not comparable to even the most daring ideas about experimental sound.

Spring begins with:
birdsmakingmachine (Spain)
Irren - a friend of the Someone from Jupiter project, a girl who moved to London and gathered an impressive musical selection there, will come to share a Western European vibe.
Dubfound - founder of the Zimotik label, creator of Someone from Jupiter.
Groove Ruts - our permanent Sensei with his special vinyl set of fresh releases.


until 00:00 - 100mdl
after 00:00 - 150mdl


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