Anime Screening Night #15


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Data: 20 Aprilie 2018, 18:45 Vineri
Telefon Informații: 060 754 123
Locul:iHUB Chisinau


Anime Fans, join the next Anime Screening Night.

This edition will be about JUUNI TAISE - ZODIAC WAR. Every 12 years, mercenaries who possess the highest caliber of brute strength, cunning wit, and deadly precision gather to participate in the Zodiac Tournament. Each warrior bears the name and attributes of one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. With their pride and lives on the line, they engage in vicious combat until only the victor remains.

Exciting? Discover the whole story.

Only teenagers and adults invited, not recommended for kids.

Link to registration:

You always can watch the anime series on if you didn't have time to join us.

Hurry up and register for the 15th edition.

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