Max Svitlo and Salt Salome | Exhibition



Data: 12 Iulie 2024, 20:00 Vineri
Locul: Alexei Șciusev nr. 63


July 12 - September 1
The exhibition is presenting the works from artists
Max Svitlo (UA) and Salt Salome (KZ) .
The opening on July 12, starting at 8 p.m. will be including a live performance where artists explore 'Escape' as the supreme art of life, reflecting on freedom and existential choices. The fugitive, portrayed as the Player, embodies a philosophical journey through uncharted paths, guided by Destiny—a principle defining causal relationships beyond mere individual fate.
In their *mimodrame, Max Svitlo and Salt Salome transform “scenes” into symbolic abstractions ( Le Théâtre alchimique) , exploring time's nonlinearity, cyclicity, and multidimensionality. Using affective and intuitive methods, they create and record performances that deconstruct the "hero," merging characters with their environment to reveal the complex interplay between inner states and the external world. Their performances select stories and themes that respond to the anxiety and restlessness of our times.
Their "heroes" are often lost, naive, and lonely, reflecting a loss of control over reality. These characters search for meaning in chaos, reacting to trauma, disasters, and wars. The artists create an "other dimension" (reverie*mirage) where past, present, and future, real and imaginary, merge = (réalité virtuelle). = Generating an intermedia (total) immersion.= the nature of a three-dimensional ontology/
In this “world” (*mirage), a "mime" ("An actor is an athlete of heart.") exists as an eternal allusion, deepening their images and concepts.The accumulation of images and mechanisms, the secret connections of objects and rhythms create a real physical language based not on words but on signs.
Influenced by Antonin Artaud, Samuel Beckett, and Jacques Lecoq, Max Svitlo and Salt Salome follow and transform these “anti-traditional methods” into their own unique artistic language.


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