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Data: 13 Iulie 2017, 19:00 Joi
Preț: 50 Lei
Telefon Informații: 060 889 089 / 068 999 608


Do you believe startups will shape Moldova’s future? Join the club! Tekwill Visionary Club brings together visionaries and influencers from around the globe to discuss worldwide market and technology trends in order to envision Moldova’s path forward. Come meet the visionaries, listen to their stories, ask questions, and build long-lasting relationships. The fourth edition will talk about "The Rise of Social Impact Measurement and Investing".

Visionary: Marlon van Dijk - Managing Director at Social E-valuator.

Marlon studied Business Economics and Social Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam and has been involved with Social E-valuator since the start in 2008 in various roles such as consultant, trainer, sales & marketing and business developer. Since 2012 she is the managing director and working hard to achieve its mission with the new platform Sinzer.

Her hobbies are: dancing (Salsa!), cooking and writing. She loves to be in nature for a reset of her busy life living and working in the city of Amsterdam.

Interviewer: Matt Rutter - COO & Co-founder at BabyMoon

Leading the development and implementation of customer development and investor acquisition strategies. In so doing, Matt co-manages a team spread across three timezones through the process of identifying customer pain points, refining BabyMoon's unique value proposition, and guiding the design of the Smart Carrier prototype and sales solution.

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