Shared Breakfast with Alexandr Lipov


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Data: 15 August 2019, 09:30 - 10:30
Preț: 50 lei


Here are several important things you should know about our Speaker -Alexandr Lipov , COO @ AaHa Inc, Agile Coach:

"My name is Alex and I am already in Software Development for 11 years. Started as DB Developer pretty soon I understood that I have passion and capacity to lead project teams to success. I bring additional value as Project Manager and Leader to the small and mid sized companies already for the last 7 years. During these years I had a chance to work with variety of the projects for different industries and Customers. I understood and tried Agile methodologies and became SCRUM addicted and crazy about Blockchain and Leading Project Teams to the better more efficient ways of working and Delivery. "

Participation fee is 50 lei. Register here:

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