Second Chisinau Meetup


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Data: 12 Ianuarie 2019, 19:00 Sîmbătă
Locul:Art Labyrinth


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence have a wide variety of applications. Come explore these applications and collectively improve and grow with like-minded people. We are going to discuss a variety of topics and methods for teaching machines how to think and improve. FYI - we will be organizing this event in the English language.

Due to some complications with the projector during our previous meetup, we are organizing an additional one.

This time will cover high-level topic only, we won't cover technical topics.

19:00 Doors Open (Networking)
19:30 Talk + Q&A
Ilie Diacov, co-founder of Tensorpad will highlight what was new and exciting in different areas of Data Science in 2018.
20:00 Networking, open end

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