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Data: 14 - 15 Octombrie 2017
Preț: 400 lei
Telefon Informații: 068 999 608 / 606 889 089


The Drupal Moldova Association, with the support of USAID and the Government of Sweden, is organizing the third edition of Moldcamp, Moldcamp 2017. The event will be held on 14-15 Oct and hosted by Tekwill.

Over 170 Drupal enthusiasts from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and other European countries will attend Moldcamp to share knowledge and help grow the Drupal community. The attendees will have the possibility to choose from more than 25 Sessions and workshops presented by Local and International experts, networking events, etc. As well as a code-sprint session and awesome parties!

Do you want to know the new trends in technologies, projects, solutions work?
Do you want to get inspired and motivated by the Drupal network?
Are you looking for coding buddies, Startup co-founders?
Do you want to enhance your connections, network, and find new exciting jobs?

... Come to Moldcamp 2017!

Join the brightest minds in Drupal for a two-day DrupalCamp which will bring together Drupal developers, businesses, users and those interested in learning more about Drupal.

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