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Data: 29 August 2018, 18:30 Miercuri
Locul:iHUB Chisinau


Tech Pizza is an event where ICT community can gather in a casual and an informal environment around a pizza and a soda to discuss the trends in IT and amazing innovations with the presence of special guests. This leads to developing the local ICT market and strengthening the ICT entrepreneurial community.

This time we are jumping into the QA world!

Software quality assurance testing is a promising area that is on the rise nowadays. The demand for testers and the fact that the skills needed for a start are not so hard to master explains why software QA tester is quite a promising job and why so many people today are wondering how to get into QA industry.

If that’s the case with you and you want to find out how to start a career in software testing, or how to improve your skills, we’ve got for you a special event dedicated to that, at the Tech Pizza event we will explore:

  • How you can succeed in software testing & Quality Assurance;
  • The skills that you need to master to become a QA Tester;
  • Manual and automated testing;
  • Tasks and responsibilities diversity in startups and large companies;
  • Participating in Open Source;
  • Career advice;

Who should attend?

  • Students;
  • QA Engineers, Software testers;
  • Developers;
  • Anyone looking to start a career in QA.

The concept of the event is questions & answers, there won’t be any boring presentation, you will have a free space and the freedom to ask, share your experience and learn with experts.

Join us for a FREE learning focused talks with innovative QA leaders, networking with like-minded peers with a generous help, make sure to register at:

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