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Data: 5 Aprilie 2019, 18:45 Vineri


Mixbook Moldova is being paid a visit by our Director of Data Science Steve Miller and our newest star intern Mudit Goyal.

We decided not to be greedy and share the opportunity to listen and network with the Moldovan IT community.

Come to Tekwill on Friday, the 5th of April, to meet them and listen to their speeches.

The event will start at 18:45 and will end with a network session over beers and pizzas.

Before becoming Mixbook's Data Science Top Dog, Steve worked as Apple's Senior Data Scientist for 4 years, where he analyzed factory testing and Customer Return Root Causes from the iPhone 6 to iPhone XS Max. Prior to that he developed data metrics and ran an analytics team for JP Morgan and Chase for over 8 years.

He will speak on how Artificial Intelligence is an incoming wave which will affect our lives in the same way as electricity did, based on 3 stories from his experience at Apple, JP Morgan, and Mixbook. This will be followed up with a story about his entry interview at Apple, how passion can get you the job you want, and why you need to increase your breadth of view in an era where data will direct us.

Mudit is a Senior at UC Berkley, a publishes machine learning researcher and data scientist, with a passion to solve business problems with the help of data. He has a proved track record of doing just that by helping a lot of younger- and college-aged startups around the world. He is currently interning with Mixbook's Data Team.

He will tell you about his experience as a student in Silicon Valley, his research and how he applies it in his work at Mixbook.

Make sure to register here if you want to attend the event

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