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Data: 13 Aprilie 2019, 10:00 Sâmbătă


Ruby community, it is time to explore Moldova!

For the very first time, Moldova is pleasant to host big Ruby conference - Ruby Wine.
We invite you to visit Chisinau on April 13, 2019, to improve your professional skills and enjoy the weekend with other Ruby lovers!

Our Speakers:

  • Event-Driven Architecture and Messaging Patterns for Ruby Micro services - Kirill Shevchenko, Ruby/JS developer at RubyGarage
  • How to hijack, proxy and smuggle sockets with Rack/Ruby- Halasz David, Software Engineer at Red Hat
    An introduction to fibers - Denis Defreyne, Software engineer at Movinga
  • Golang for Rubyists - Nihad Abbasov, Software Engineer at Digital Classifieds
  • Embrace multi-model thinking! - Ivan Nemytchenko, Independent consultant
  • Services, operations, transactions, monads and other fancy words - Bartosz Bonisławski, Software Engineer at Toptal
  • What happens in a request, stays... where? - Ivan Zarea, Lead Architect at YoungCapital
  • Domain Driven Design - Alexander Kudrin, Teach Lead at Amarkets
  • Writing a simple programming language in Ruby - Andrei Lisnic, CTO at Salt Edge Inc

*A special student section with two introduction speeches:

  • Introduction into Ruby - Serdiuc Ana-Maria, Senior Developer at Salt Edge Inc
  • Introduction into Rails - Victor Colta, President of FAF | Ruby on Rails developer

Ruby Wine is open for students, so there is a special type of tickets with a student discount.

Ruby Wine is the result of a beautiful collaboration of two experienced organizations Ruby Meditation and FAF. This event is a perfect mix of top-notch talks by talented Ruby developers and Moldovan atmosphere full of sunny warm weather, hospitable people and, of course, tasty wine.

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