Fintech Camp: Banking on APIs


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Data: 8 Noiembrie 2018, 18:30 Joi
Preț: 100 lei


We’ve often heard the word “API”, but what is it in essence and why everyone uses one? This TIME hour session aims to explain the basic principal of communication and integration between two B2B companies with a focus on financial industry. During the session we’ll have an overview of the banking/payment evolution in general and where is the industry heading to.

Vladimir Pîntea, Product Manager at Salt Edge Moldova
Lisa Terziman, Business Development at Salt Edge Moldova

Salt Edge executives will share their personal story of switching from B2C to B2B sales proposition, will talk a bit more about the upcoming changes in the banking industry, such as PSD2 directive in Europe and other Open Banking initiatives all over the world.

What to expect from this event?

  • A brief overview of the banking evolution and potential future
  • PSD2 and Open Banking Overview
  • B2B API integrations
  • Salt Edge journey

Whom is it for?

  • Anyone interested in fintech space, more particularly working on B2B solutions
  • Anyone working or thinking to or in the B2B space (business people)

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