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Jahid was born on February 29, 1996, in Baku to Azerbaijani parents.[1][2] At the age of 4, he moved with his family to Moscow. At the age of 6, he went to the 1925th gymnasium in Novokosino. In the first grade, he began to sing in the school choir and impressed his teachers with his vocals. In ninth grade, he realized that he wanted to seriously pursue music.

While studying at university, Jony began recording various cover-versions of popular songs and publishing them on his Instagram profile. He was noticed by Elman Zeynalov (El'man), who invited Jony to his RAAVA Music team.

Jony began working on his own songs and released five singles: "Empty Glass", "Friend Zone", "Star", "Alley" and "I'm Not Me Without You" (together with HammAli & Navai). The video filmed for the song "Alley" received more than 100 million views on YouTube.

In September 2019, Jony released the song "Comet", which soon topped the Apple Music chart and became the singer's signature song.

In 2020, the album "Heavenly Roses" was released.

In 2021, he left RAAVA Music and decided to pursue a solo career.

As a child, Jahid liked the cartoon Johnny Bravo, so his mother jokingly began to call him Jony. Later, the singer began to introduce himself this way at school, when classmates could not remember his name.

"I got used to the name "Jony", even my mother calls me that since I was three years old. Only my grandparents in Azerbaijan call me by my first name. But parents and friends - almost never. Most often "Jony", "Jo"."

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