El Paso


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Type: Restaurant
Cuisine: Mexican
Music: Latino
Prices Level:
Mon - Sun:10:00 - 23:00

Contact information

Phone: 022 921 166
Address: 10 Armeneasca str., Chisinau




The restaurant "El Paso" is the right place to go for the persons who are temperamental, fond of Mexican cuisine and strong drinks. But even if you do not think of yourself as of somebody falling into the above category, it is worth while to listen to the fiery Latin American rhythms, to taste the "quesadillas" or "faijitas" at least once in a lifetime. And one more thing should be mentioned: you will not find any other interior similar to the one in "El Paso" in the other restaurants of the city. It has been designed after a Mexican log hut and a patio with an idea to bring you even closer to the faraway and mysterious Mexico.

"El Paso" has the air-conditioned larger banquet room and the smaller one, both waiting for you. Furthermore, the open-air terrace tables are available to the customers when it is warm outside, and you can enjoy your Mexican dish there, accompanied with the excellent "Corona" beer.

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