Intellectual Games Summer Camp 2022



Date: 31 July - 7 August 2022
Place: "F’Estival", Leordoaia, Călărași, Moldova


The summer of 2022 begins with a jubilee - 15 years of the Intellectual Games Summer Camp! The traditional event organized by the Moldovan Club of Intellectual Games (CMJI) will take place between July 31 and August 7, 2022, at the Center for Rest and Creation "F'Estival", Calarasi district. 56 young people aged between 15 and 20 from all over Moldova will have the chance to get acquainted with the world of intellectual games, to practice and even create them! The camp aims to increase young people's interest in intellectual activities, thus stimulating the thirst for knowledge, critical thinking and the desire to get information correctly and comprehensively.

The summer camp, along with the other activities of the CMJI, contributes to the formation of a new generation of active intellectuals, socially and civically involved. Summer camp schedule The camp program contains over 30 intellectual and fun activities, including: “What? Where? When? ”, Brain Ring, Trivia Quiz,“ Erudit Quartet ”as well as outdoor activities, movie nights, comedy contests, board games. During the camp, special emphasis is placed on the development of teamwork skills and multilateral thinking. Participants will learn to solve problems in a creative way, they will have the opportunity to socialize with other young people with similar interests. Also, at the current edition, young people will be encouraged to create their own intellectual games and / or board games. CMJI organizers and volunteers will provide all the support, so that the young people get a “final product” of grade 10! Camp graduates will be encouraged to form teams and participate in other activities organized by the CMJI, as well as to organize activities in its educational institutions.

If you want to apply for # TVJI2022, here is the form, which you can fill in until June 26 For more details, you can access the Facebook page of the event or you can write an e-mail to Participation in the camp is free. The "Intellectual Games Summer Camp" project is implemented by the Moldovan Intellectual Games Club within the 2022 Grants Program for youth organizations of the Ministry of Education and Research. The Moldovan Club of Intellectual Games is a non-governmental organization that represents the interests of a community of intelligent young people, whose fundamental values ​​are information, culture, self-education and civic involvement.




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