Casa Mare



Date: daily
Phone info: (022) 240-056


Going up the spiral staircase to the ground floor, the visitor imagines the multi-century experience of man's coexistence with nature, when the tendency to know and use it in the process of cultural development is in full harmony according to the model existing in the natural environment. This harmony is demonstrated by the beauty of the popular creation that reflects the charm of the surrounding nature. The exhibition of this room embodies a "Great House", where, according to the traditions of the people, the most chosen fabrics, extraordinary carpets, popular wear pieces, rite objects, dowry are kept and where the most important events and customs in the life of any family take place . All these masterpieces of folk art reflect the richness and refinement of the spiritual conception of our predecessors, who created a popular civilization inspired by the majesty of nature. The exhibition compartments "Wedding" and "The Game" are eloquent in this sense. Against the background of the mural depicting the traditional holiday "Game" (author F. Hămuraru) exhibits folk costumes from all the ethnographic areas of the republic, in which the elements of nature's and man's creation are perfectly combined. The custom of taking out the dowry from the bride's house completes the diversity of the folk dances, being staged in a landscape from the Codrilor area (author M. Statnîi). The elements of peasant architecture in wood and stone prove man's ability to fit into the natural framework and the influence of nature in the constitution of the national culture.


Time schedule
10.00 – 18.00 (APRIL – OCTOBER)
10.00 – 17.00 (NOVEMBER – MARCH)
Access to the museum ends half an hour before closing.
Rest day - Monday
Sanitary day - the last Wednesday of every month

Entrance tickets
Reduced price entrance:
- Students - 2 lei;
- Students, pensioners, adults with disabilities - 5 lei;
- Free entry

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