Oliva Verde


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Type: Restaurant
Cuisine: European
Prices Level:
Mon - Sun:10:00 - 23:00

Contact information

Phone: 022 010 444
Website: oliva.md
Address: 47 ?ciusev str. Chisinau


Oliva - is a family-style restaurant that serves mediterranean cuisine dishes, mostly of italian cuisine. restaurant oliva supports and promotes healthy food, cooked from fresh and natural ingredients. we want to introduce you to a kitchen of high quality


Oliva`s cuisine can be easily compared to the homemade cuisine. The dishes are prepared from products purchased from local farms, but also from Italy. All the dishes are prepared on the spot, pasta and pizza are manually prepared right in front of our guests, who can easily see, and even enjoy their preparation. Desserts such as Tiramisu or other specialties of the house are prepared by our chefs every morning and evening.

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