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Type: Pub, Restaurant, Bar
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Mon - Tue:09:00 - 24:00
Wed - Sun:09:00 - 02:00

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Phone: 079 776 650
Address: 67 Bucuresti str., Chisinau


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Hello and welcome!
My name is Erik the Red!

I want to invite all lovers of the foamy drink, exclusive cuisine and real joy, to share great happiness together!
I have been thinking for a long time ... with what, where and how should I serve my guests, wonderful friends and brave fighters, who are tired of the daily routine, battles and exhausting seeking of a good place to rest and have fun. And I understood clearly that I want to gather all my guests in my house - all together, in one place. That is why I have built two halls in my Valhalla of pleasure and feast.

The upper hall is for the merchants, for graceful ladies and their friends, for real gourmets and seducers...

The bottom room is for the loud Vikings and their warrior friends, their charming ladies and loyal lovers. You can shout and have fun while drinking beer of rare and exceptional varieties, celebrating sweet victories and days of joy.

The tables are generously filled with good dishes and selective drinks that you can enjoy at any time: either for dinner before a night battle or for lunch between your day battles, because every Viking must fight only after a good meal.
In the end, I want to reveal a part of the mystery...
Everyone, with no exception, I am waiting for you at…

From the bottom of my heart, with good hospitality,

Your friend and brother,
Eric the Red!

See you in the Valhalla!

A new restaurant, with home cuisine, focused on beer and the masculine spirit.

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