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Type: Cafe, Restaurant
Music: Varied
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Mon - Fri:08:30 - 22:00
Sat - Sun:09:00 - 22:00

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Phone: 022 200 515
Address: 22 Mitropolit G. Banulescu-Bodoni str., Chisinau


Business Lunch


"Panna Cotta" , elegance with Italian fragrance!
The "Panna Cotta" Café won the trust of its customers due to the aromatic treats. Our guests are pampered with fine tea, aromatic coffee and all kinds of drinks, presented in a very special menu.
The warm color, of calm beige, prone to communication, providing a feeling of comfort and privacy. Here you can enjoy morning coffee in silence, alone, lunch with friends or coworkers, and dinner with the beloved person. Romantic meals, at "Panna Cotta" will become a tradition and will make you come back here every time when you will have an appetite for something special.
The house specialty is, of course, the famous "panna cotta", the most famous Italian cold pudding. Prepared one hundred percent of natural products, it has a very special taste that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. It is an easy and refined dessert from northern Italy (Piedmont region). The very name translated from Italian - baked cream, speaks much for itself. All sauces are of natural fruits. Our panna cotta recipe is unique and kept in secret.
Speaking of pastries, we want to emphasize that we excluded from the start the egg and milk powder, opting for fresh eggs and natural milk. 70% of their content is the cream "mascarpone" and "Sabayon" cream is prepared only with Marsala wine, made in Italy.
"Panna Cotta" offers you also variety of Italian delicious desserts, such as: cannoncino with vanilla cream, tartlets with sweet mascarpone cheese, moretti with sabayon cream and chocolate, marshmallows with almond cream, which will make your mouth water. All pastries, including various cakes can be prepared and to order.
The black and green tea are strongly flavored, fresh and invigorating. The aromas of jasmine, ginger, mint and bergamot transforms the drink into an unforgettable experience, challenging you every time you to try them all.
The menu is completed by multiple coffee recipes, cocktails, with or without alcohol, and also selected wines.
The "Panna Cotta" Café provides all three important meals of the day. For breakfast you have the opportunity to discover the authentic taste of homemade eggs, cooked in 5 different ways but also the most delicious hot sandwiches with ham. We reserved for lunch and dinner the finest dishes of both Italian and Moldovan cuisine, as well as from the European one. At the top of the table is pasta, obviously. With seafood, prosciutto, bacon, cheese or salmon, they will surprise you with their fine and delicate taste.
Beside the traditional pasta, salads and preparations of chicken, pork, beef and fish, the chef of the "Panna Cotta" Café, recommends you every day a special menu, in 6 different variants of business lunch, satisfying the most refined tastes.
The romantic atmosphere is maintained with quality Italian music.

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