BMW E30 Festival 2K19



Date: 21 - 22 September 2019
Price: 50 mdl


Did you think that there will be no car movement this summer?

Do not rush to change shoes and close the season, we offer a more interesting plan - come to the "BMW E30 Festival 2K19"

Yes - yes, it didn’t seem to you!
Information to remember:
When: September 21 - 22;
Where: Business Centru Ialoveni
Time: 12:00

BMW E30 Festival 2K19 - an occasion to meet like-minded people, relax in nature, devote another day to your favorite BMW E30, show yourself - meet with others.
Put a blanket in the trunk, chairs, a good mood - we are waiting for you.
The festival has everything you need for life - food zone and Red Bull for additional energy.
Do not forget to click on the picture and see the action plan.
After such a busy day, we invite you to have a drink and relax at - Night Party, a party on the roof of the business center.
Ticket price - 50 lei + sticker as a gift.
Do not follow the white rabbit, we will leave signs and prompts.
And do not forget that from point A through checkpoint, gun missiles will come to us - fly in and you)


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