Date: 30 May 2024, 20:00 Thursday
Place: Apartamentul Deschis / Flat Space


MICROCOSMOS – an exhibition by Daria Pugachova [UA]
Thursday, 30 May 2024, 20:00 – screening
Flat Space/B68 (68/1 Bucharest Street, Chisinau)
We invite you to the first exhibition of this year on Flat Space/B68. The exhibition will be opened with the screening of the film MICROCOSMOS made by the artist Daria Pugachova.
The courtyard is a model of the universe.
People are like planets in it; each has its orbit.
Tell me about your yard; tell me about your dream.
We will launch it into the sky.
I am a part of the cosmos,
just like you.
MICROCOSMOS (42 min, 2021-2022) explores life in the post-Soviet neighborhood of Polovky in Poltava (Ukraine) as a model of the universe. The artist transforms herself into an astronaut to ask the residents of that neighborhood about their lives, dreams, childhood memories in those courtyards. Several generations appear in the film, from elderly residents to young children who had just started their life journey in the “microcosm”. Without intending to, MICROCOSMOS became a community portrait of Ukrainians’ lives just before the war changed them forever.
This film is accompanied by an exhibition featuring photographic portraits of Polovky residents on the walls of Apartamentul Deschis/ Flat Space.
Daria’s purpose is to show this project to new countries and communities, especially those with common Soviet pasts, to bring together the local community and Ukrainian refugees, encouraging reflection on our common past, the influence of the war and the possible future.


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