Walking around Chisinau of the 20 th century



Date: 4 - 31 January 2021
Phone info: 022 244 325


Chisinau is without a doubt a city of contrasts. This is a locality that exists between “was” and “is”. We are keenly experiencing this contrast, we see and feel it every day, and the architecture of the city clearly indicates a transition from the old to the new, being a witness and the main indicator of change.

In the pictures of the beginning of the last century, it appears as a small but very pretty town, and today we are increasingly confronted with the nostalgic expression “here was…”: “here was the Diocesan House”, “here was the Swiss Hotel”, “here was a girls’ gymnasium, and in this place the deputies of Sfatul Țării voted for the Union in 1918”. Of the pearls of architecture that once delighted citizens, today we have only pictures left. These pictures are the subject of the collection catalogs and today, the unknown treasures of architecture and urban life, reflected in 48 images, are brought to the public’s attention in an exhibition dedicated to Chişinău of the 20th century.

Chisinau is an open-air museum where thousands of people lived, loved, created with wisdom and humility the image of a city “carved in white stone”. Each street retains the footsteps of those who admired it, whether they were commoners or nobles. Each villa retains a vivid memory of its owners, and some are still waiting for them, and the holy churches of Chisinau are illuminated by the thoughts of those who admired them or crossed their threshold.

This exhibition is a challenge for all of us to rediscover Chisinau at the time when we have and devote so little time for beauty. This is an invitation to take a virtual walk through the streets from the old days and recall known or forgotten views, places loaded with history or feelings. And, like any place that tends to affirm its authenticity through culture, Chisinau, today, perhaps more than ever, needs the exercise of memory in order to survive and develop.

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