"Nature. Human. Culture" Exhibition



Date: daily
Phone info: (022) 240-056


It is an interdisciplinary exhibition that reflects the global problem of the interaction between Man and Nature based on local experience. Starting from the idea that Nature is the environment of any human community, and culture is a reflection of the experience of human adaptation to the natural environment, the exhibition demonstrates the evolution of the exploitation of natural resources and the development of the culture of human communities, which populated the Pruto-Nistrean area in different historical periods, denotes the creative synthesis of Man-Nature, the transformation of Nature, according to its knowledge, the difficult path of the development of knowledge, from the sacralization of the forces of Nature, to their consumptive domination by man.

The exhibition also illustrates the problems of the development of ethnos and traditional culture in all its diversity, emphasizing the second nature - culture - created by man. Demonstrating the harmony between Man and Nature, which is illustrated by masterpieces of popular art that reflect the beauty of the environment, in parallel it is proposed to represent reprehensible samples, results of the irresponsible attitude towards the surrounding Nature, which led to the destruction of its balance. Elucidating the conflicts between Man and Nature, the exhibition proposes several directions for their settlement based on the advanced experiences of economic and rational use of natural resources, the trends for optimizing society's values ​​are also specified.


Time schedule
10.00 – 18.00 (APRIL – OCTOBER)
10.00 – 17.00 (NOVEMBER – MARCH)
Access to the museum ends half an hour before closing.
Rest day - Monday
Sanitary day - the last Wednesday of every month
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Entrance tickets
Reduced price entrance:
- Students - 2 lei;
- Students, pensioners, adults with disabilities - 5 lei;
- Free entry

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